Quickly compostable,

wooden and paper disposables offer convenience

without the danger of leaving harmful toxins or residue behind


Bamboo Paper Cup

ECO-Friendly Products

Recyclable • Repulpable • Plastic Free




Sugarcane Paper Cup

A highly renewable resource, molded fiber.

Compostable and biodegradable products



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It’s time to start taking care of our planet!

Our paper used for cups is from sustainable management of forests.

Our compostable cups lined with PLA are PLA or corn-based plastic lined. They are BPI certified compostable and meet FDA guidelines for food service contact. Microwave and freezer safe.

Our lids, straws and cutlery are made from either compostable materials or fully recyclable PET.

PLA and CPLA are great alternatives to traditional plastic disposables and are made from plants that capture CO2 from the air, such as corn.
Polylactic Acid (PLA) or Crystallized Polylactic Acid (CPLA) Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a biopolymer created from dextrose, a type of sugar, which is separated from other biobased materials. Mostlcommonly, corn is a common feedstock providing high amounts of dextrose for processing. In certain applications where higher heatl tolerance is needed, a crystalized version of PLA (CPLA) is used. What makes PLA and CPLA an eco-friendly alternative is the ability to regrow the feedstock in a fairly short span of time compared to petroleum based plastics through sustainable farming methods. These methods produce 80% less greenhouse gases and use 52% less non-renewable energy when compared to other traditional plastics. One of the major benefits of PLA and CPLA is that it maintains the feel of traditional plastic, which many customers prefer. PLA can used as a coating on paper cups and natural molded fiber products, to give them a greater heatresistance. PLA and CPLA items can be returned to earth through composting making it an ideal eco-friendly alternative.

Our Home Compostable Paper cups are made of paperboard that has been coated with water-based polymers. They are 100% plastic-free, not included PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET, PLA, PBS, BPI/DIN Certified Compostable. It’s safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly!

Many restaurants have chosen to go green with their take-out containers; replacing plastic and Styrofoam with more eco-friendly options. So not only will public perception of their company improve, but customers will be happier with the quality of their food.

we are helping restaurants go green with their eco-friendly and compostable disposable tableware. Our line includes disposable cups, lids, bowls, containers and others.