Product best-selling Europe and America,
the Middle East more than 10 countries,
and successfully entered the international large supermarket.

Let us customize your cup!

Creators of the coolest paper cup on the planet!

If you are a food and beverage packaging company,

our factory would like to creat new things and improve the existing products;

If you are a distributor,

our factory accept large quantity order

and big discount for you to compete in the market,

would love to grow up with our customer;

If you are a wholesaler,

our factory could supply various of products,

such as paper cups, plastic lid,

straws, paper lids, food pail, napkin, paper plates,

plastic cultery, preservative film

you can put your brand in the hand of all your customers

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WEDISPOSABLECUP  GROUP product best-selling Europe and America, the Middle East more than 10 countries,
And successfully entered the international large supermarket

Since those humble beginnings a half-dozen years ago we’ve expanded our paper cup line to over a hundred different styles, created many fun custom paper cup for clients, and expanded our business to include a wide array of products.
Please enjoy exploring our product line and never hesitate to holler at us for any reason.

Existing molds available and newly-mold made according to the customers demands The PAPER CUP is our flagship product. We pride ourselves on offering the widest selection of promotional PAPER CUP sticks in the world, as well as Custom PAPER CUP,

If you don’t see the exact product you’re looking for, just give us a call at +8615871705065 If none of our standard models suit your needs, We’ll happily create your very own 100% custom FOOD PACK or product

12oz-44oz Cold Drinking Paper Cup
2.5oz-22oz Single Wall Hot Paper Cup
single wall single PE coated hot cup
Double PE Paper Cup For Cold
Kraft Paper Hot Cups
Aluminum foils
Single Wall Original Bamboo Paper Coffee Cup ,
Plain White Single Wall Coffee Cup By Kraft Paper Inside With PE Coated
Biodegradable PLA Paper Cups Compostable Food Containers
Paper cup with handle
Foaming paper cup
vending cup
4oz-20oz Double Wall Paper Cup
4oz-24oz Ripple Wall Paper Cup
4-24ozPAPER Diamond cup
4-20Embossed paper cup
Our premium paper cups are ideal for you to enjoy hot tea, coffee or espresso and protect your hands from the heat!
DOUBLE WALL & RIPPLE INSULATION: Our premium hot paper cups with lid,feature a special double wall and ipple insulation to let you hold your hot drinks without a problem!No heat sleeves needed!
enjoy a hot beverage.
neat and sleek EASY GRIP-SMART HANDLE: Our hot paper cup comes with a ripple insulated exterior ign that not only protects you from heat,but also makes for an easy grip!
4oz-26oz Ice Cream/Yogurt/Gelato Paper Cup
10oz-44oz Salad Paper Bowl
8oz-32oz Hot Soup Bowl
16oz-26oz-32oz Noodle Box
24oz-180oz Paper Popcorn Bucket/Tub
6OZ 12OZ 16OZ 26OZ 32OZ PAPER French fries CUP
1# 2# 3# Take Away Paper Box
Disposable Plastic Cups
Disposable Plastic Lunch Boxes
Paper Cup Fan
Printed Paper Roll, base paper, PE coated paper paper, PLA coated paper, All kinds of offset printing products and flexo printing products etc.
Disposable Plastic Lids, Paper Lids, Coffee Cup Sleeve, Plastic straw, spoon, Stirrer
paper napkin